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Valentines Baskets - DIY

The big day is almost here and I can’t wait to give this basket to my daughter. It’s important to personalize the basket instead of adding random items . ❤️Use printable tags and fun logos. I printed mine from @elisabethandfaith

🍡Candy is a must. Remove it from the original packaging and place in a mini gumball machine or fun container.

💜Use a wire basket instead of plastic. This copper basket is from @Walmart and can be reused for books or other items.

❤️At the @dollartree, I found a fun valentines container with a lid, which I filled with nail polish and lip gloss. I added stickers to the lid.

💜A glitter mini backpack matches with the items and is also great for putting her items in. The gliiter adds a nice texture and fills the basket. Backpack from @target.

❤️Decorative shredded paper goes a long way. It fills the basket and makes it look pretty. I also added felt hearts inside. All from @dollartree

💜Place items inside that they can create. Here I have a picture frame they can change for a photo of their friends. I also have a mini wooden house from @michaelscrafts that she can paint. I also have a stand wooden heart that she can draw with chalk.

❤️Think about where you live and what items would be fun to use. To represent Florida, I have heart sunglasses and a flamingo pencil case.

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