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Make it Shine with a Centerpiece !

Make your dessert stand out with chocolate in a beautiful bowl. This bowl I found in a local store, and I thought it would be perfect for the birthday girl. Instead of just putting my treats in a cardboard box, which she would later throw out, she now has a pretty bowl to use as a centerpiece for her table.

I matched the red velvet chocolate covered Oreos with the bowl. I added edible gold lister dust to the tops of the zeros, which stood out against the red color. This matched the gold bowl. Plastic wrap also goes a long way, with a pretty ribbon.

Presentation is everything, and over the past year, Dana Does Desserts has better packaging and more options than ever. Don't see something you want, call or send us an email, and we will customize it to your party.

Molds and ingredients can be found on my Amazon account to make it easier for your to shop.

Follow this link (copy and paste in your browser):


  • red velvet candy melts

  • oreo cookies

  • edible gold luster dust

  • optional red food coloring (for marble effect)

  • silicone cookie mold

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