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Birthday ideas 🎊

When it comes to birthdays, there are a lot of options for desserts. Most important is that you and you’re child have fun. Also, make sure you have a fun cake for pictures and eating of course. It is also nice to make a dessert table. It doesn’t have to be hard .

Go to the dollar store and get some glass containers Of different heights and shapes . pick a color theme and choose candy to fill the jars . I also love chocolate covered pretzels rods, cake pops and Rice Krispie treats on sticks to fill the containers with .

Support a Local business . Sometimes they have special pricing for bulk items.

Get ideas from social media like Pinterest or Instagram .

if you can’t think of a theme, choose rainbow colors or your favorite candy.

Here is a cake I made for my daughter. She didn’t know what she Wanted but said it should taste good and wanted bright colors.

Shown here is a chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate frosting. A chocolate ganache is gripped on top with edible gold dust. It’s an illusion with Reese pieces coming out of a box, spilling on the cake . Also, i put peanut butter cups to add dimension.

Don't forget your appetite and a fork !

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