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Seasonal Chocolate

My favorite dessert is chocolate. Chocolate cake, brownies, ice cream, etc. There are so many ideas to make your holiday table festive. I have been making these chocolate covered pretzels sticks for many years now, and just started baking cakes and cookies. This is so easy to make and fun to do with your children at home. No recipes, just melt, apply and sprinkle.

Here I added red candy melts (cocoa free and vegan) to a bowl and melted them. 15 minute increments. After mixing to a smooth consistency, I added the melted chocolate to the pretzels rod. I only coated them 3/4 of the way. I used the back of the tablespoon to smooth it out.

Next I poured sprinkles all around the chocolate while it was still wet. Do this over a plate or a bowl, so if it spills, you can pour it back into the container. I purchased Wilton sprinkles for these.

Let dry on parchment paper for around 20 minutes, or put them in the refrigerator for 5 minutes. They can be served in a decorative container, or put into smaller bags to give as goodie bags or added to a gift.

Candy melts come in many colors depending on your theme. Most craft stores have these. I purchased mine at Michaels Crafts.

Brownie Triangles:

Below you will find a photo of my brownies. I made a tray of them in a rectangle pan, and cut them into triangles. I refrigerated them, so they weren't so soft. Instead of a wooden stick, I added a peppermint stick for the tree trunk.

The next step is to buy frosting or make it yourself, and drizzle it over the brownie. Add candy or M&Ms for the ornaments.

Serve on a pretty, brightly colored plate. Voila !

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