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Create Holiday Magic: Add Texture, Choose a Color Theme

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The holidays are approaching and you want to do something new this year. Does it always need to be red and green for Christmas or blue and white for Chanukah? You don't have to get rid of those colors, but you can choose a room in your home to create a different feel. Here I am going with white, grey and pink.

You also don't need to spend a lot of money. Everything in the photo, except for the pom-poms were from Target.

What to do first?

1) Choose textures. Stockings are soft and fuzzy. They should match, but mix it up.

2) Add bling. I found these mini glitter ornaments and sparkly swan and flamingo ornaments to add.

3) Budget: Also you will see: white ceramic home $3 for 2 (pre-lit), silver trees ($1), cookie cutters 75 cents, stockings: $15 each, felt pom-poms from Etsy and mini wreaths from the Anthropologie holiday present kit.

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