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It's a hack ! How to make a fun waffle cake in minutes 🎄

With my new waffle maker from @Homesense, I was able to make a cake in minutes. Why do you think they call it "pancakes"? It is a small cake made in a pan; made from flour, sugar, egg and oil.

My imvention requires cake batter, which you can make with your own recipe or purchase a box of @DuncanHines. Here I am using the dark chocolate cake recipe, which is poured into my pre-heated waffle maker, with the #ChristmasTree design. After a couple of minutes ( I actually waited an extra minute past the regular time for extra crispness), I took out the cake and #Volia ! I like the waffle makers by @Bella or @ByDash.

Add anything you want to decorate . It already had the #ornament holes to add the #fancysprinkles and the gold luster dust to the top. After stacking, I took pre-made frosting, or you can buy green @Pillsbury #Frosting, and melted it in the microwave in increments of 20 seconds, and I stirred it until it was a smooth consistency.

Once melted, I dripped it onto the cake stack, so it melted down the sides, on a pretty #holiday plate. While hot, add your favorite sprinkles and decorations to the top. Serve immediately for the best taste.

This can be made with any flavor cake; red velvet or strawberry is a great option for the #holidays ! You can also add frosting in between the layers for a festive look and delicious taste. To place an order for pick up, please call : Dana Does Desserts. Please check back on the website for new items.

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